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Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance facility available for residents living in Canada and the rest of the world that covers the medical and non-medical expense required in your life time. This insurance is for those individuals who are physically unfit to perform such daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating and walking etc. Long-term care is a necessity nowadays because the average life span of an individual has increased after the coming of the advanced medical care facilities. The stress that automatically falls on your immediate family members when you fall sick in old age can be minimized with a Long Term Care insurance policy. You can buy this policy to give the best of care to your near and dear ones.


Long term care insurance is equally important like your health insurance

  It enables you to pay for the care you receive in your lifetime. The best part about long term care insurance is that it covers many of the illness that comes with age. We provide you with the most competitive policy with lower premiums after carefully considering all your personal health requirements.
  Do you know this Long term care insurance policy protects your assets and secure your independence in old age in the onset of any health crisis? This is a valid reason to buy it..
Whether you are buying it for your employees or for your individual benefit, it covers the medical and non-medical services for which otherwise you would have to pay from your saving..
You can enjoy benefits out of it and in absence of you; your designated person will enjoy the benefits..

Coping with health issues in old age will cost you significantly

  It is a wise decision to become independent in the later years of your life. You will never be a burden on your family if you have a long term care policy to support you. You would feel a peace of mind knowing that in your old age you have some support to live independently and with dignity..
  As you grow older your health will not be the same as today. You would need assistance in carrying out your daily activities or will require constant monitoring due to the weakening of your cognitive ability..
  Health care cost is rising day by day. So affording a nursing assistant will involve huge cost whether it is today or in the future. This alone explains the necessity of a long term care insurance policy..
  Designed exclusively for old age care.
  Elderly people face different health issues and therefore long term care policy is created according to their needs. By this method, a particular amount of money will be given for your care and maintenance at home or in a healthcare facility..
  Do you know age is not a factor to go for long term care insurance? .
  As per the analysis, about 40 percent of people who are availing long term care currently come under the age group of 18 and 64. Premiums may vary according to your health condition when you buy the policy and the amount of coverage you had wanted..
  Safeguard your health by buying this policy from our life insurance advisor, since your medical insurance does not cover long term care. Buying it at a young age is a smart move as you have to pay a low premium..
  It becomes easy to deal with physical issues when you are young but it becomes extremely difficult as you get older. In old days, your immune system becomes weak and this makes you susceptible to various illnesses..
Contact our expert life insurance advisor, Jay Gandhi to create the best policy for your future needs. We are a fully-fledged financial investment firm and you can directly talk to us at + 1 (647) 893 5727.

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