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'Jay Financial' provides all of your insurance needs under ONE ROOF

Life Insurance, Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Preparation

Life insurance is the foundation of financial planning. Buying insurance is as important as saving money for Retirement. So that is why we offer Life Insurance and Investment services at most financial companies in Canada. However, we deal with all types of Insurance, such as Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Non-Medical Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Health and Dental Insurance, Group Insurance, Travel Insurance, Super Visa Insurance, Visitor to Canada Insurance.

We deal with all types of medically complicated cases. You may need to consult with us if you have been recently denied Life Insurance. We have better insurance rates for all age groups.

Jay Gandhi
Financial Advisor

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We offer free consultations to all of our potential clients. This allows us to ensure we’re providing you with the best financial advice or life insurance. You’re free to come into our office for your consultation, or we can do it over the phone or whatever is most convenient for you. Whether you require personal insurance consultation or a full-service investment firm, Jay Financial will be the one umbrella to cover all your financial needs! Call us at 647-894-5727 to schedule your free Non-obligation consultation. Or, fill out the Online quotation form, and I will get in touch with you when it’s convenient.

Our services are Professional & Reliable. We do business on a handshake. You may contact us by phone at 647-894-5727 or by Email: at jaygandhi1102@gmail.com.


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