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Tax Preparation/Planning

Tax Preparation Planning

Every individual in Canada has to file their tax by April/30. If you are self-employed then you may have time to file till June/15.However, if you owe to CRA then you have to pay your owing balance by April/30.

Tax savings is another important pillar to save money for retirement and Investments planning. We will assist you in this case. Managing your income and taxes is a crucial element of managing your overall cash flow. We provide creative ideas and intelligent planning designed to effectively mitigate your overall tax liabilities. We do tax file for a whole year and you will be benefited for financial consultation too. Jay Financial has consulted many Canadians upon their needs and Assisted for any direct inquiries with the CRA.

If you have any question or concern then you may reach us by phone or Email

Tax planning is the most sensitive part of the financial planning process, so we are providing this service to everyone.



We do provide the following services:

  •   Tax filing for Individuals, self-employed, Sole Proprietor, students, and Families.
  •   Book Keeping services
  •   GST/HST  Return for Businesses and Self-employed
  •   Financial statement
  •   Financial consultation
  •   Retirement Planning
  •   Non-residence tax file

How does tax preparation service work?

  • Call and speak with me, if our service is right for you.
  • We will send you a client questionnaire and new client form to be filled out.
  • Gather and organize what documents you need for us to complete your return.
  • Book an appointment to drop off documents.
  • Due to increased volumes during tax season your return may take longer than usual to complete.
  • When your return is ready, we will contact you to book an appointment for a pickup.

Give me a call or send me an e-mail to assist you a better way